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Get an Inspection Quote and Book

Fill the form below and get a quote. You can email it or book an appointment for your inspection:

Buyer's info:

House info:

Type of Foundation
Is a Wood Destroying Insect report needed (aka" termite" report - some lenders require)
Is there a swimming pool at the house
Is the water supply to the house city based or well?
Would you like a 3rd party pool company to inspect the pool (give estimates for visible issues)
Do you want us to inspect the well?
Do you need a Coliform bacteria water test? (some lenders require)
Is the house on city sewer or is there a septic system at the house?
Do you want us to inspect the septic system?
Are there additional structures/buildings that you would need inspected?
Check all that applies:
Email Quote
Email sent successfully

To hold this inspection date there will be a one-time, non-refundable charge of $50 to hold the time slot for the inspection. 

The $50 will be taken off your inspection cost when the inspection is completed.

Total Inspection Cost: 450
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